Byron Katie is one of the world’s great teachers.  Having discovered the underlying source of unhappiness, she created a deep but simple practice for supporting people in their quest for freedom from all forms of stress, fear, sadness, anger, judgment, loneliness, boredom, and lack of direction or purpose in life.  

The Work is not therapy; it is a form of meditative inquiry.  In her desire to move The Work in the world, making its methodology available to people speaking various languages and living wherever they may happen to be, Katie has created the Institute for the Work, through which she has certified hundreds of facilitators, working in the major languages of the planet, all trained to support people in their quest for lives of peace, joy, compassion, love, and grace.

The Work works. Test this assertion for yourself. As a New York Certified Facilitator, I have worked for several years one-on-one and in couples facilitation as well as in group workshops.  It is a never-ending joy to share in the experience of someone waking up to reality.


Coursework includes, but is not limited to:

  • Learning how to fill out an effective ​Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet. (Click below to download)
  • Maximum use of Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet as the major tool for launching  The Work.
  • Demonstration of the process of inquiry, i.e., the “four questions” and turnarounds.
  • Partnering.
  • Stimulating workshop activities.
  • Q&A on the world view underlying The Work.

Download JYN Worksheet

Sample Topics in Recent Facilitation Sessions:

  • My mother never loved me.
  • He dumped me.
  • I can’t live without her.
  • My boss doesn’t value my work.
  • I’m too old.
  • My child disrespects me.
  • He didn’t keep his word with me.
  • I’m afraid of loneliness.
  • My co-worker is always competing with me.
  • This stress is too big to work on.
  • Nobody will find me attractive.
  • My father ruined my mother's life.
  • I will lose my kids if I divorce their mother.
  •  My life has no purpose.